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World in game
World in game 8 hours ago
Зная Рика, это будет какой нибудь бутер
Anime D.
Anime D. 8 hours ago
March 20 is a day after my birthday. The best present I could've ever get.
Mr. Objectshowtastic Returns
im dying of pure nostalgia
Kevin Bee
Kevin Bee 8 hours ago
1:44 OH FUC
kinda rare
kinda rare 8 hours ago
this is a top 10 video on youtube.
zombiegamer777 21
zombiegamer777 21 8 hours ago
F for snoopy
Vic Apple
Vic Apple 8 hours ago
This video has 232 times as many likes as dislikes, is it getting a season or not?
GMF B 8 hours ago
We need Jason. The world needs him.
katymeowsalot oof
katymeowsalot oof 8 hours ago
READ THIS1 THE KIDS REAL NAME IS CLAIR and the parentd you see in the begining is her imagamary family,she danced cuz she doesnt reallly get food. the smoers and all of those people in the 'other house' are her rersl parents.shes a bused,at the end you can see her looking at a bill board with 'opals burgers' on it and a gvirl.she imagians that she is that girl then she sqeezes her eyes shut then shes there imaginateing and in all of the seeans shes in the fake life,you casn see lights at the top witch is the bill boqaard lights i suck i=at spelling my key board is bad
scallysnix 8 hours ago
That song about his mother was pretty powerful
Rurouni Kalain
Rurouni Kalain 8 hours ago
Long Live Toonami. Let's bring the feels.
TheTriforceKid 8 hours ago
uhhh...WTF is up with the triceratops not having it's troop transport pods or it's missile rack and body armor?
Troy de Wet
Troy de Wet 8 hours ago
this is not rick and morty this is scary
Christopher Phillips
“Herr Trigger” would of been an awesome villain for Captain America.
Brian Tomkinson
Brian Tomkinson 8 hours ago
Well time to go look up 69
IcedFate 8 hours ago
no dark blue Peanut. He's not a true collector
Nyx Underhill
Nyx Underhill 8 hours ago
The cooking segment kills me
TheBlackDemon1996 9 hours ago
Imagine if this isn't an actual episode, and it's just the writers screwing with us.
ying yang
ying yang 9 hours ago
Why is rick scared of dying when he will get resurrected like in that death crystal episode?
Rurouni Kalain
Rurouni Kalain 9 hours ago
Long Live Toonami. Still brings a tear to my eyes.
Mixtapes from my late partner
Rurouni Kalain
Rurouni Kalain 9 hours ago
Long Live Toonami. This brings tears to my eyes.
RainbowShirt 9 hours ago
I like the red tint when he says “you Gouda be kidding me” and the blue tint when he says “are these blues permanent”
Simon Daniel
Simon Daniel 9 hours ago
I dont give a hood and nickel about your legacy.
D 9 hours ago
Listen, dont mark me as gullible but this came across suggestions on my Amazon fire and loaded automatically and I really thought it was real. Now lets put that into perspective. 3 years ago I may have figured it out But we have had four years of incredulity and this sort of thing has become everyday with Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz as well as Lauren Boebert acting just like this...oops forgot Marjorie Taylor Greene As a matter of fact I did wonder if Trump watched this because he has used many of the statements and actions we see here
Daniel Slade
Daniel Slade 9 hours ago
Called it. (looks at camera)
Christian Beckles
Christian Beckles 9 hours ago
i really wish they had a series on this
David Konevky
David Konevky 9 hours ago
"Black Lives Blatter" such deep words 🥺
MorwensTV 9 hours ago
0:34 when you got 3 6 year old girls but 6x3 = 18
joe higashi
joe higashi 9 hours ago
Fuck if the henchman actually got that body armour I’d sign up that looks sick
Bryn Whitehead
Bryn Whitehead 9 hours ago
Pffft. Nah.
Somthing S
Somthing S 9 hours ago
This is my family... I want the police to take me
Doug MacRay
Doug MacRay 9 hours ago
The US-first recommended this to me today (03/01/21). For the last month I’ve been receiving culturally enriching and historically relevant recommendations. Is this because Black History Month just ended? Just wondering, The City of Boston
Patton 333
Patton 333 9 hours ago
Its sorta wholesome that he puts up with Murderface's stupid bullshit, because deep down Skwisgaar knows MF is only trying to help.
Dil pill the Chill Pill LIVE
Best Episode Ever
I want to see this fight animated, just so I can watch 2 ton 21 and Brock fucking Samson beat the shit out of Monstroso
megadick 6000
megadick 6000 9 hours ago
I mean, if you were gonna find a white knight femboy somewhere, itd most likely be in a yoga class trying to play the nice guy card to pick up women 🤷‍♂️
Mambaa 711
Mambaa 711 9 hours ago
“You have no idea what im capable of” Switches to jazz
Hardchargerd 10 hours ago
Best reboot
HotColdman 10 hours ago
Boy this aged wonderfully
Dudley Less
Dudley Less 10 hours ago
Get ready to watch a movie asshole!
US-first is obviously broken, says 36 comments but I only see 28, not including me
Rick Sanchez Jr.
Rick Sanchez Jr. 10 hours ago
What an amazing show. Like truly a gem, I wish there was more Samurai Jack episodes honestly. Iconic in every sense, other cartoons should take notes from these people.
Farrel Briananda
Farrel Briananda 10 hours ago
I forget to tell you I want to say "Thanks" I use this video to make me sleep faster bc there is gonna be an event, I need to go at 10 or 11 am I dont really remember, but I remember that I late for it bc I really into it but somehow not sleeping then I realize the video ends.
Mr cancer
Mr cancer 10 hours ago
God its gonna be 11 years a couple of days now . Fuck
YouTube Smells
YouTube Smells 10 hours ago
That autographed picture of Eric is probably worth more than the $5 they were given 🤣🤣
Hardchargerd 10 hours ago
Timestamp 1:51 "Blood Brothers" October 11th - 07:01:36 Yuri Task Force 141 - Disavowed Prague, Czech Republic
David Konevky
David Konevky 10 hours ago
I don't know if I should be concerned or impressed about Porcelaine's salad
ZzSparkzZ 10 hours ago
Tyler is the only fucking guest I’ve seen that accepted the weird and went with it 🤣😂
Farrel Briananda
Farrel Briananda 10 hours ago
Thank you, Joe.
Ninjaqwe Boii
Ninjaqwe Boii 10 hours ago
you know its serious when Gary beats up the cookies
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 10 hours ago
Sinister cause presents the serpent and the rainbow on US-first
SeengignPaipes 10 hours ago
So this is basically if EA went into education rather than video games.
ScriptedMania / Samuel Gacusan
9:26 the funniest scene
Alysia Slattery
Alysia Slattery 10 hours ago
I would fucking pay Gordon to react to this.
V I B E CHECK 10 hours ago
Me when my gf farts 0:39
Paulo Amaral
Paulo Amaral 10 hours ago
Just found about it. The tags are all gone now. 😢
rthelionheart 11 hours ago
How the F do they kiss with him wearing a face cover?😂
Nav 11 hours ago
This is in character for Buster
Rotty T
Rotty T 11 hours ago
Sometimes an elephant do gotta nut tho
Cloe Shay
Cloe Shay 11 hours ago
The Japanese woman is Sumiyo Iwasawa. I swear to god I’m being honest it’s not a porn star. You can thank Reddit for the name lol
Wirr Ling
Wirr Ling 11 hours ago
You mean the one that was instantly sold out via bot and is now on ebay for double the price? --.--
Kirbz xd
Kirbz xd 11 hours ago
1:15 Funniest part in the theme song lol. That's a PornHub parody.
Glassbrain 11 hours ago
I like the detail of Brainulo telling Futuro to squash them like the bugs they are, and, instead of moving towards Team Venture, he's immediately charging for the bunch of henchmen dressed in bug-themed costumes.
YouTube Smells
YouTube Smells 11 hours ago
WOOOOO How convenient for this to be recommended rn🤔
James Andrew
James Andrew 11 hours ago
JESUS that was hard to watch
T James
T James 11 hours ago
French, style?
Blind Sighted
Blind Sighted 11 hours ago
I'm sad the cell phone didn't blow up when he threw it 😂
Mrhighstakes 11 hours ago
For an instant, I thought that was the lady from theranos
Joji Rizal
Joji Rizal 11 hours ago
0:30 Is that a Chainsaw Man reference?
Benjamin Hymøller Schneiders Ahorn
switzerland completly fine
Mitchell Halvorson
Mitchell Halvorson 11 hours ago
am I the only one over here dyeing at the Pearl jam skit???
꧁BreaCch꧂ 11 hours ago
He called jessica instead of his family lmao
AVELLANT 11 hours ago
chim choo ree
chim choo ree 11 hours ago
These guys always seem on the verge of cracking.
Martin Davids
Martin Davids 11 hours ago
this reminds me of Requiem for a Dream so much
CKru8789 11 hours ago
My brother growing up looked like Toki. I joked with him about doing the cat part and he laughed.
udayye 11 hours ago
I came here for the title and so did you
Amy Gill
Amy Gill 11 hours ago
legends came here for the title